5 Things Lay People Can Do to Advertise their Church

     We live in a world where advertising is everything.  The days of people moving into a community and trying to find a church to attend are gone for the most part.  Churches have to work at getting noticed.  Now of course, there are obvious ways such as billboards and radio and TV spots to get your name out there.  But I want to focus on things the average lay person can do to “sell” their church.

1. Be a Friend

     Do you remember when our Mother used to tell us that to have a friend we had to be a friend.  Well that still rings true today.  Studies show that most people come to church today because they were asked by friends.  Sometimes all we have to do is to tell people we know about our church.

2.  Facebook


     In all likely hood, your church has a Facebook page or a group.  Use the “invite friends” function to send out invites to your friends.  You don’t have to be an administrator of the group or page to send out friend invites.  Be as proactive about sharing your Church on Facebook as you are about sharing that video of the cat attacking the family dog.

3. Car Stickers and Magnets


     This may be more subliminal stuff – but it’s still something you can do that is very passive.  Be careful though – if you are a driver that cuts people off in traffic a lot if can backfire on you.

4. Business Cards

     My church at Striplin Terrace UMC had cards made up that say “Come and See” and then gives brief information on the church and some of it’s activities.  Be sure to include the address and website information.  The church can have these made up very cheap – about $10 through Vista Print. It’s an easy way to tell your family, friends, neighbors, and people you meet on a daily basis something about the church without you having to feel too uncomfortable.  Just keep them with you and hand them out as you go through the day.  You won’t have to go out of your way – you will be surprised how many opportunities will present itself in a given day when you are thinking about your church.

5. Be Proactive

     It really doesn’t take much effort at all to advertise things.  All it takes is people who are sold on the product.  If you love your church then you should want to share that information.  Most people really don’t mind you telling them about your church.  If they tell you they already go to a church, don’t ask them questions like who is your pastor? or where is that church?  It just sets them up to be embarrassed.  Stay positive and let your love for your church shine through.  When you do this – the ways to share will present themselves to you.

     See you at church Sunday! 

About rodneydporter

I am a United Methodist Pastor. I used to say what I did defined me - but nowadays I prefer to be defined as a husband, dad and Christian.
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