If Courage Was Easy – It Wouldn’t Be Courage

I am involved in a bible study at the prison here in Columbus. I’m not bragging – believe me. I was confiding once that even though I’m always glad I went that I always dread going. There’s just something about having to go through 9 locked doors that gets at me. I’ve even found myself wishing that I could get sick (not bad – just a little sick) or such.
But I go anyway and I am always glad. The other people who attend with me confided that they go through the same thing every month. They dread it – the wish they didn’t have to go.
Can you imagine what would happen if we only did stuff that we liked. I’d spend my days watching television and drinking diet cokes in my neighborhood Best Buy.
God doesn’t say we have to like the ministry we’re called to do – but God does promise that we will never be alone and that great things will happen when we step up and share Christ – especially in those times where we would rather be anywhere else but where we are.

About rodneydporter

I am a United Methodist Pastor. I used to say what I did defined me - but nowadays I prefer to be defined as a husband, dad and Christian.
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