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Silent Conflict Management

I had a small class today on conflict management and it got me to thinking about leadership. I remember when I served in Plains I was called to the hospital in Americus. A member had died. Normally this was not … Continue reading

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A Pain in My Heart

I try not to think about it too often because of the pain it causes.  But from time to time I remember overt racism from my childhood.  I don’t ever remember seeing a rule – but I remember there being … Continue reading

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The Good Ole’ Days

I am always amazed at how little it takes for many of us in today’s world to become inconvenienced. Right now we are having trouble with our DSL Internet connection. It’s actually been going on for about a year now … Continue reading

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The Day I Discovered I Wasn’t Gifted

I’ve often laughed at a story I tell about myself from time to time.  It’s a story I like to call, “The Day I found out I wasn’t gifted.”  The story goes something like this. I was in the 6th … Continue reading

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